Tops Foods’ Vegan Lasagne won The 37th Mecurys

Tops Foods NV, a subsidiary of CP Foods located in Belgium, won the most prestigious travel catering award worldwide in the category Economy Class meals with their innovative Vegan Lasagne.

The Mecurys are awarded to meals served in Economy class and Premium classes of various airlines, offering a memorable on-board dining-experience to passengers.

The award was granted in December 2018 in Abu Dhabi at the 37th edition of the Mercurys, the ‘Oscar graduation for the inflight’. The jury was composed of several experts (chefs, managers of catering operations)  in food catering services. The statuette represents one of the Greek gods, Mercurius, god of commerce and trade.

The term ‘vegan’ marks a way of living that strives towards exclusion of all forms of exploitation of and cruelty to animals in the food – and clothing industry, as far as possible and applicable. Food watchers in USA indicate that vegan food is listed 3rd place as future food trend.

Tops Foods responds to this trend with a Vegan Lasagne. Thanks to their worldwide patented production process, they can keep the flavors and the nutritients in the food, which means no artificial additives or colorants are necessary. Their method heats the product ultra short, which makes it possible  to ship and store their meals at room temperature. This supports a more sustainable way to deliver high quality food to their customers.