Chia Tai Group invests €18.7 m in Henan egg breeder project

Chia Tai Group, an investment holding company of Thailand’s Charoen Pokphand Group, has announced construction of two grandparent egg breeder, two parent egg breeder, and two hatching facilities, in China’s Henan province. The total amount of investments is estimated to add up to €18.7 million.

The project is currently underway in Fangcheng County, Nanyang City of Henan Province. Financing of the project has been organised into three stages.

The first period investment amounts to 24.4 million RMB (€3.06 million), which is being used to build two grandparent egg breeder facilities (total scale was 12,000 sets) and one hatching facility that could produce around 746,000 parental chickens a year.

The second period investment was 62.09 million RMB (€7.84 million) used for constructing two 60,000 set parental egg breeder facilities and one hatching facility that can produce around 4.56 million sets of merchandise chickens per year.

The third period investment is similar to the second period’s, and is planned to begin in the years 2014-2015.

About Chia Tai –

Chia Tai Group operates some 400 other commercial concerns across 20 countries. The company is an investment holding company of Thailand’s Charoen Pokphand Group. Some of the group’s companies include Beijing Poultry Breeding, Hunan Chia Tai Livestock, Beijing Chia Tai Feedmill, Huludao Chia Tai and Xiamen Chia Tai Agro-Industry.