PH Fixer (1 kG)

Feature & Benefit
  • This new strain of Bacillus was scientifically proven to have strong organic matter degradation ability. It helps to restore stable microbial balance and healthy ecosystem after water treatment, thus maintain a natural environment suitable for PL stocking.
  • Beneficial Concentrated Selected strain of Bacillus microorganism for control of water quality, pH and alkalinity.
  • 109 cfu/ml concentrated of selected bacillus spp mixing with Carbon source.
  • 2kg/1600m3 of water volume during pond and water preparation periods and at the first week after culture.
Direction of Use
After elimination of viral carriers in ponds by using Synterex apply 6kg of pH Fixer per hectare daily for 21 days prior to stocking the PL. Mix proper amount of pH Fixer with clean pond water (1kg pH Fixer per 10 liters of pond water). Stir the mixture for 5–10 minutes, then broadcast all over the pond or infront of paddle wheel at noon.

Super biotic (1 KG)

Feature & Benefit
  • Beneficial concentrated selected strain of Bacillus microorganism for control of pathogenic bacteria in pond’s water.
  • 109cfu/ml concentrated of selected bacillus spp. that excrete specific enzyme to complete with pathogenic bacteria.
  • 1kg/1600m3 of water volume every week from 1-60 days of shrimp ages.
Direction of Use
Mix 1 kilogram of Super Biotic with 4 liters of clean water. Leave mixture for 6 to 12 hours overnight, prior to use. Mix with feed on maximum feed consumption 10-100cc mixture per 1 kg. Broadcast in feeding area. NOTE: Outbreak of Vibriosis may be more serious in summer due to higher temperatures and salinities. In case high Vibrio counts are found in water sources or pond water, application of Super Biotic should be considered for effective prevention. Regular monitoring of Vibrio counts in pond water is strongly advised.

Super NB (5 L)

Feature & Benefit
  • Utilize NH3 & NO2 in water and soil. Maintaining optimum scale of water pH and alkalinity. Reducing stress and disease susceptibility. Increase beneficial microorganism communities.
  • For controlling and stable pH (not to be very high and danger for shrimp) during the first stage of culture by decomposed nitrogen organic waste and turning its to essential nutrients and CO2 that necessary for phytoplankton growth and pond hydrodynamic.
  • Decrease toxic gas, black mud, sludge thus help decrease infection and mortality rate of shrimp..
Direction of Use
Brewing Super NB 0.5 liter/Super Media 2 liter/distilled water 100 liter.
Aeration with air brewing technique for at least 6-8 hours before use:
During Pond Preparation periods Use 160 liter/hectare everyday for 7 days.
During Culture periods Use 160 liter/hectare/week or more frequency as twice per week at late stage of culture.

Super P S / MS (20 L)

Feature & Benefit
  • Benefial concentrated selected strain of Photosynthetic microorganism for control toxic gas of hydrogen sulfide.
  • For decomposed and bio-cleaning purposed and for decrease organic sulfur loaded in the pond bottom soil and also in the water during late stage of culture, high density period, too much uneaten feed, plankton bloom and drop so quickly and so on.
  • For controlling and consume the toxic organic sulfide gas that occur during the culture period and cause shrimp to be very low in average mean body weight, slow growth, variation in size, low survival rate, and low productivity.
  • Decrease toxic gas, black mud, sludge thus help decrease infection and mortality rate of shrimp.
Direction of Use
  • For Pond preparation: Following removal the organic matter, polluted soil and sludge, the soil bottom cleaning by normally sanitation procedures is recommend then after that spread 4-8 liter/(1600m2 pond area) to the pond bottom to digest the residue of organic matter in the soil and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • For early stage of 1-2 months of culture periods: For the effective mechanism of toxic gas reduction, mixing Super-PS 1-2 liter with the sinking base such as shrimp feed or zeolite material to bring down the micro organism to the bottom very quickly, this dosage use for (1600m2 pond area with 1 meter depth of water column) once a week.
  • For late stage of 3-4 months of culture periods: Mixing Super-PS 2-4 liter with the sinking base such as shrimp feed or zeolite material, this dosage use for (1600m2 pond area with 1 meter depth of water column) once a week.
    For probiotic purpose and WFD prevention: Mixing Super-PS 100cc/1kg of shrimp feed following with the air-dry process for 15-30 minutes then delivery to the customer.

Zymentin (1 KG)

Feature & Benefit
  • Feed supplement with beneficial selected strain Probiotic microorganisms mixed with effective digestive enzyme use for Bio-control purposed, immunostimulant and help stimulate digestive activity.
    Probiotic microorganism directly work at the digestive villi in intestinal track of shrimp using colonization (coating) mechanism and develop barrier activity to prevent bacterial infection cause by pathogenic bacteria.
  • Probiotic microorganism work as an “competitive exclusion” with the pathogenic bacteria, they complete, inhibit and depress the over fast growing of pathogenic bacteria thus result in less infection rate, less morbidity and less mortality of shrimp.
  • Probiotic microorganism help excrete the beneficial substance that necessary for stimulate immune response, increase digestibility and absorption activity thus result in healthy shrimp.
Direction of Use

Use Zymetin 10g/shrimp feed 1kg at least twice a day with “Top dressing technique” using suitable coating agent and leave under ventilation and air dried for at least 15-20mins before feeding to shrimp.